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Floor Sanding & Polishing Service Melbourne | Quality Timber Flooring

Our Floorboard Sanding and Polishing service can bring your home back to a brand new and durable finish that will last for many years to come.
Many homeowners in Victoria have a tired and aged wooden turf that may not look as great as it did many years ago. This had led to some tearing up their carpet to uncover a beautiful foundation waiting to add value to your home.
At Quality Timber Flooring, we take extreme care in coating a new base to ensure we get the best possible finish with no imperfections. Little things make all the difference, along with thoroughly cleaning the decking, we are mindful that just opening a door a few too many times can introduce unwanted dust onto a freshly coated surface.
Whether it is a wooden plank, staircase or even decking, we can provide you with an affordable and professional floor sanding and polishing service.

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How It Works

After booking a quote either on the phone or through our website, we will go over your particular needs from our timber floor and polishing in Melbourne by offering advice on how we can best help you. In this call, we will go over the details of what will happen during and after we finalise our floor sanding and polishing services. We will then plan a day and time with one of our highly qualified installers to give the base a good finish.

During the floorboard sanding and polishing process, we eliminate any indents or stains within the grounding inside your home. We do this with the utmost precision and care to ensure there is no damage to the surface. We offer various lacquer coating paints from our timber floor polishing in Melbourne, depending on your particular preferences for the finishing. Our extensive list of finishes includes altered oils such as alternative oils and polyurethane, either stain, solvent, or water based. We have all the advanced equipment and methods to upgrade your foundation effectively.

Quality Timber Flooring offers an all-around service that will get rid of your wear and tear, fair and square. We will work quickly and efficiently to buff your decking through our timber floor sanding in Melbourne until you have a bedrock that is good as new. We will eradicate any trace of stains and dents caused by heavy foot traffic to furniture rearranging. We will shave years off your turf to unveil a home that looks revitalised and fresh. Give yourself a good home with a good backbone. You will find yourself walking upon your place with every step of confidence with the help of our floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne.

What Are The Benefits?


We have highly qualified experts who are the best of the best you could find for floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne. With over 15 years of experience in the field, our team members are up to date with the newest tools and techniques to do the job justice swiftly. Our services in floor sanding in Melbourne have worked on various kinds of bases; therefore, they have the most effective strategies to ensure every scratch is removed and dust between the cracks is eradicated. With their extensive range of experiences, they are incredibly friendly and accommodating, catering to make sure your home is in good hands and are willing to answer any questions or follow any requests during the process.


When you have the finest timber floor sanding in Melbourne, the installation process is as simple as 1, 2, and 3! Our professionals have time and time again worked on finishing a handful of surfaces and know the best method and strategy in order to renew your decking effectively. As they are experts in the field, their process is straightforward, making it incredibly convenient for the homeowners to focus on more important tasks while they do all the work. You will find yourself with contemporary and robust foundations for your property in an instant.


Our timber floor sanding and polishing experts will make your bedrock as good as new – and for good! After their steady care making your ground rejuvenated, they will uncover floors that will increase the longevity of your base. In this way, all you have to focus on is making sure you are on your tippy toes when walking across the ground.

Why choose Quality Timber Flooring?

At Quality Timber Flooring, we are the leading supplier of wood flooring installations offering some of the best quality floorboard sanding and polishing Melbourne has to offer. In addition to our timber floor sanding and polishing services, we provide other types of surfaces, including engineered, hardwood, laminate, or parquetry, based on your personal tastes and preference. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we provide the finest installation professionals who have worked on many different kinds of properties. No matter the size or home, we can do it! Our services are affordable, convenient, and high-quality, giving you a solid foundation to let your home stand tall.

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Hardwood Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

Floor Sanding & Polishing

staircase sand and polish

Staircase Restoration

Deck Restoration

Our A-Grade Timber Flooring Restoration Method:

1. Initial inspection of the floors condition

2. Removal of the skirting boards if required

3. Replace every broken & damaged floor board

4. Punch down protruding nails & apply timber filler

5. Specialised sanding and cleaning of the entire floor

6. Apply final sealer & reinstall skirting once fully cured.

Sealers we recommend for a long lasting floor finish:

Polycare Timber Floor Coatings
Feast Watson Timber Floor Coatings
Wakol Flooring Adhesives
Polycure Coating Systems Logo
Toby Wooden Floor Coatings

We are happy to use many sealers on the market, based on our experience we recommend these floor sealers.

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